COVID 2020


We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that we can restart with all Gymnasts, staff, parents and visitors safety in mind. Below is our Activation Plan, please read it carefully and fully. Please contact us if you have any questions using the detail below.

We have established three core events that must occur and these set the key points of the plan.

COVID Operating Procedures Overview

We will be operating a phased approach to reopening of the club.

To achieve the key elements, over and above the normal procedures that are already in place, we have introduced the following processes:

• Gymnasts should not attend the gym if they are showing any symptoms of Covid 19. All gymnasts will have a mandatory non-contact temperature reading taken on entry to the gym.

• Staff will not attend if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 and all staff will be required to have a non-contact temperature reading taken at the beginning of each day in the gym.

• Limited parents will be admitted to the gym viewing area in phase 1 of opening. Parents of school age+ gymnasts are encouraged to stay off site if possible. Viewing of sessions, will however never be prevented.

• Gymnasts must only bring what they need to participate in the session to the gym. This must be contained in a drawstring or other secured bag. Water may be brought to the gym in a secure drinks bottle.

• The gymnasts will be allocated a group and will remain in this group (bubble) with the coach for the entire session. These groups may change depending on new members / ability/ progression.

• Classes will be shortened by 5 mins to allow for this transition. Gymnasts / parents must not arrive outside of allocated class time.

• On arrival, parents will bring the gymnast to the front entrance/gazebo, a staff member will collect the gymnast through the new one-way system. We will manage this in line with social distancing requirements at the time of opening.

• Parents returning for gymnasts should do so 5 minutes before end of session and collect from the collection point.

• During classes gymnasts will stay in the allocated group for the near future. This group will be identified by a colour.

• Gymnasts belongings will be placed in boxes according to their group (bubble)

• Gymnasts and coaches will follow a one-way system around the gym.

• The timetabled classes will be a maximum of 1:10 for recreational classes and 1:4 pre-school classes.

• It is essential that your school age gymnast knows his or her group (which they will find out on opening class) and only arrives at the allocated class time

• During classes at least one station will always be empty, as the last group moves off the equipment, we will clean all equipment surfaces and mats.

• Coaches will carry bum bags with hand sanitiser and gymnasts’ hands will be sanitised before each station. (note: hand sanitiser is essential, gymnasts must bring their own if they are allergic to the gym sanitisers)

• During the 10-minute changeover of classes all areas will be cleaned ahead of next class.

• We will have dedicated staff cleaners who will clean the gym and communal areas when the gym is in operation and before opening the following day.

We hope that these measures will gradually ease and we can return to a normal gym coaching regime.

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