Pre-School Gymnastics

Pre-School and Early Years Gymnastics is where is all begins at Gym Mania! From as young as 2 (and soon from walking) children can start their gymnastics experience and begin having a ‘funky fitness frenzy’ time at Gym Mania.

Gym Mania Gymnastics

The club emphasis on FUN means that Gym Mania is more, much more than just a gymnastics club. Children within the pre-school classes use all the full equipment as the older children including: bars, beams, vaults, trampette, airtack and much more along with hand-held equipment including bean bags, battons and ribbons.



Research has shown that children who have a positive experience with activity before the age of 5 stay active. Play is a serious business; it should be a fun, enjoyable activity that stimulates the development of the mind and body and that’s what Gym Mania is all about! Pre-school and Early Years gymnastics provides a stimulating play environment that is the key to starting children on the sporting pathway and getting them active for life. A good pre-school gym experience can provide social, physical, lingual & intellectual, creative & emotional awareness and improve concentration, competence & confidence. It also sets children firmly on the path to being active for life.


A comprehensive Pre-School programme, ‘FUNdamental Movement For Early Years’, has been developed to enhance the development of children at this age. The British Gymnastics programmes starting from ‘Adult and Child’, for children from walking with an adult, through to the ‘Independent learner’, improve balance, co-ordination, social and educational skills and provide under 5’s with a quality physical movement experience. Participants learn how to use different objects to help them practice basic skills such as crawling, walking (running) rolling, hopping, jumping, throwing and catching. They are encouraged to use their imagination while engaging in adventures, in fairy stories and listening and moving to nursery rhymes, songs and music.